Paradigm Risk Consultants have grown from small beginnings, starting as a home business 13 years ago, and now servicing more than 5 000 clients, managed by over 75 brokers across the country.

We are dedicated to bringing quality service and individuality into insurance, tailoring policies to fit the client’s unique needs. At Paradigm Risk Consultants we understand every risk is different and therefore we assess and underwrite such taking into account each client’s unique risk profile.

Our highly efficient staff are trained to handle every claim with delicacy and understanding and are sensitive to the client’s situation, therefore providing a service like no other.

We are an underwriting manager, writing business on behalf of Centriq Insurance Company limited. Paradigm Risk Consultants’s philosophy of continued improvement is deep-rooted throughout our business.

We are an underwriting manager, writing business on behalf of Centriq Insurance Company Limited and Compass Insurance Company Limited.

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